Harry Comes Home To Bellingham: Heaven And Earth Magic @ Pickford Film Center, Nov. 5, 2013


Harry Smith PDX travels north!

When film scholar Kaveh Askari premiered his new experimental doc, Harry Smith of the Guide: Field Recordings and a Location, at the Harry Smith Free For All in Portland, Oregon Cartoon Institute promised to return the favor. Working through Western Washington University’s Film Studies department, Kaveh Askari and Matthew Holtmeier have arranged to bring Oregon Cartoon Institute’s recreation of Harry Smith’s feature length multi media masterpiece, Heaven And Earth Magic, to Bellingham’s Pickford Film Center on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013.

We’re hoping one of OCI’s Harry Smith research fellows, Seattle audio technology preservationist Doug Stewart, will be able to join us. Besides sharing his 1941 Presto 6N recording lathe with us, Doug Stewart advised Dennis Nyback in  reconstructing the projection technology and techniques Harry used to create the multi layered imagery in Heaven And Earth Magic. 

“I would prefer to see this technological thing knocked out, because all the things I’m interested in, like singing, poetry, painting, and stuff, can all be done without this large number of can openers, egg beaters, Empire State Buildings, and things.“ Harry Smith

Don’t believe a word of it!

Harry’s statement, quoted in Raymond Foye’s essay on Smith, “The Alchemical Image”, is belied by his own constant and heavy reliance on technology as an artist.

See Harry Smith’s 1961 fusion of poetry and technology in Heaven And Earth Magic, screening at the Pickford Film Center in Bellingham on Nov. 5, 2013.


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