How To Be A Fan Of Harry Smith

You can read about him.

The first person to write about Harry Smith was Sheldon Renan, in An Introduction to the American Underground Film

P. Adams Sitney, a protege of Sheldon Renan, wrote about Harry Smith in Visionary Film: the American Avant Garde

“I remember someone once asked Harry how come he likes his own films, he always comes to see them. He answered “I like my films because I didn’t make them: God made them.” P. Adams Sitney

Andrew Perchuk and Rani Singh collected various authors writing about Harry in Harry Smith: The Avant-Garde In The American Vernacular

Harry was a huge talker.

P. Adams Sitney’s 1965 Chelsea Hotel interview with Harry can be found online as an audio file, and as a youtube.

Leo Daedalus takes on Harry Smith’s interviews as a form of performance art here, in a lecture delivered on May 19, 2013, at the Harry Smith Free For All at The Cleaners @ Ace Hotel in downtown Portland.

Rani Singh edited a book of interviews Think of the Self Speaking: Harry Smith – Selected Interviews

One of those interviews was done by Darrin Daniel, who went on to write Harry Smith: Fragments Of A Northwest Life

If you prefer first hand information…..

On May 16, Oregon Cartoon Institute will present selected Harry Smith films, screened in glorious 16mm, at the historic Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon. Sheldon Renan will introduce Rani Singh, director of the Harry Smith Archives. Rani Singh will introduce the films. Darrin Daniel will join Sheldon and Rani for a panel discussion afterwards.



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