What is Oregon Cartoon Institute?

Founded in 2007 by Anne Richardson and Dennis Nyback, Oregon Cartoon Institute works to raise awareness of Oregon’s rich animation and cartooning history. The Institute has no brick and mortar home, and always works in partnership with organizations and institutions which do.

The goal of Harry Smith PDX 2013  is to bring Harry Smith knowledge to the public, via screenings, talks, discussion and live demonstration.

Q: But who? Who exactly is doing this?

A: Glad you asked!

Harry Smith PDX represents the combined, almost 100% volunteer, efforts of:

Anne Richardson
Dennis Nyback
Rani Singh
Sheldon Renan
Darrin Daniel
Andrew Ritchey
Matt Carlson
Jordan Dykstra
Doug Stewart
Kaveh Askari
Michael Munk
Gus Frederick
Rich Wandschneider
Leo Daedalus
Joe McMurrian

Oregon Cartoon Institute has two tremendous artists in residence.

We are proud to announce our 2013 artist in residence, Leo Daedalus.  You may have witnessed Leo pursuing his goal of understanding everything, one guest at a time, on his ridiculously entertaining show, The Late Now. OCI is proud to offer him a desk at the Institute.

You can meet Leo at the May 19 Free For All, where he will serve as host.

Carye Bye, our longtime semi-permanent artist in residence, drew our wonderful pen and ink portrait of Harry Smith. OCI has asked her to design a Handy Guide To Harry Smith poster, because it has come to our attention that some people would like to own one.

Q. How can I learn more about/participate in Oregon Cartoon Institute?

A: Some people like to follow Oregon Cartoon Institute on Facebook

Check us out! Oregon Cartoon Institute runs on volunteer labor.

For example, Josh Winsor donated his design of our two fantastic Harry Smith PDX posters.

Some Extremely Helpful People Behind The Scenes:

Peter McLean, web and graphic design at Ptermclean.com
Matt McCormick, SUNY – Buffalo
Eric A. Smith, University Of Washington
David Cress. filmmaker
Sven Bonnichsen, Director of the Northwest Animation Festival
Justen Harn, Director of Programs & Community Engagement at Hollywood Theatre
Carl Abbott, PSU
Richard Engeman, Oregon Rediviva
Gary Lacher, film preservationist


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