Harry Smith / New York / Seattle

Harry Smith, Doris Chase & Shirley Clarke: Chelsea Hotel Penthouse Avant Garde

Underground filmmaker Shirley Clarke was one of Harry Smith’s neighbors in Chelsea Hotel. From Dee Dee Halleck’s eulogy to Shirley Clarke: In the early seventies I somehow found my way up to her workshop space in the penthouse of the Chelsea Hotel. Shirley lived and worked there making live and taped video performance, installation and documentation … Continue reading

Anthology / Harry Smith

OPB’s Dave Blanchard Earns Honorary OCI Membership

Think Out Loud’s Dave Blanchard has compiled a terrific “compare and contrast” list of musicians who claim Harry Smith’s Anthology as a formative influence. Find his extensive and surprising list, which includes videos, on the OPB website. Included is a link to Blanchard’s interview with Eric Isaacson about Mississippi Records’ re-release of Harry Smith’s Anthology of … Continue reading

Harry Smith

The Parental Enigma, Part One: Robert James Smith

Harry’s Chicago grandfather, Robert A. Smith, married the daughter of a Chicago industrialist. They moved to Bellingham to execute the Deming family’s plan to create a salmon canning empire. Their son, Robert James Smith, Harry’s father, somehow bailed on this mission. He was in Portland when Harry was born in 1923. He returned to Bellingham … Continue reading