Harry Smith Free For All @ The Cleaners, May 19, 2013/11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

tumblr_lb7mvdG1XB1qz8kcuo1_500A series of short, accessible, interactive presentations about the life and work of  Oregon born genius Harry Everett Smith (1923 – 1991)


The Harry Smith Free For All is a partnership between Oregon Cartoon Institute and The Late Now. It takes place on May 19, 11:00 AM  – 4:00 PM at The Cleaners, 403 SW 10th, in downtown Portland.

Hosted by Leo Daedalus, Oregon Cartoon Institute’s 2013 artist in residence.

11:00 AM Kaveh Askari screens his new 7 minute experimental documentary about Harry Smith’s Bellingham years, and takes questions.

11:30 AM Doug Stewart demonstrates the recording technology Harry Smith used as a teenager when he recorded Lummi Indian rituals.

12:00 PM Recreation of selected String Figures from Harry Smith’s collection

12:30 PM Anne Richardson places Harry Smith within a timeline of Oregon film history

1:00 PM Demonstration of Harry Smith’s performance art approach to projection of his 16mm films: a talk by Dennis Nyback

1:30 PM Joe McMurrian discusses Harry Smith’s curation of his 1952 Anthology Of American Folk Music

2:00 PM Andrew Ritchey discusses sound as an element in avant garde film

2:30 PM Leo Daedalus of The Late Now takes on Harry Smith’s unpredictable relationship to the concept of “truth” .

3:00 PM Alex Reagan conducts The Harry Smith Paper Airplane Invitational, an Indoor Air Show in honor of Harry Smith’s world class paper airplane collection.

3:30 PM Jessica Beer leads the Sacred Harp Singers in traditional shaped note singing, one of Harry Smith’s obsessions, and invites the audience to sing along



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