Harry Smith Seance @Hollywood Theatre, May 16, 2013 7:00 PM

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On May 16,  2013,  Oregon Cartoon Institute presents the first ever Harry Smith Seance,  in partnership with Northwest Animation Festival and Hollywood Theatre.

Experimental animator Harry Everett Smith was born in Portland, Oregon on May 29, 1923.

“I like my films because I didn’t make them: God made them.” Harry Smith

Two of Harry’s gorgeous hand painted Early Abstractions will be followed by Heaven And Earth Magic, Harry’s surreal 66 minute stop motion/cut out animation masterpiece.

A rare opportunity to see Heaven And Earth Magic projected on the big screen, using the sumptuous, expanded cinema techniques Harry himself used! Famed film archivist Dennis Nyback will recreate Harry’s live projection, using multiple projectors to alter, color and shape the moving image. All films on 16mm.

Live music accompaniment by Matt Carlson and Jordan Dykstra. Sound design by Andrew Ritchey.

Harry Smith’s description of Heaven And Earth Magic:

“The first part depicts the heroine’s toothache consequent to the loss of a very valuable watermelon, her dentistry and transportation to heaven. Next follows an elaborate exposition of the heavenly land, in terms of Israel and Montreal. The second part depicts the return to Earth from being eaten by Max Müller on the day Edward VII dedicated the Great Sewer of London.”

3 Harry Smith films + 3 Harry Smith experts!

Here’s the lineup:

Anne Richardson, director of Oregon Cartoon Institute, introduces Sheldon Renan.

Sheldon Renan introduces Rani Singh, director of the Harry Smith Archives at the Getty Institute.

Rani Singh introduces Harry’s films.

Following the films, Sheldon Renan, Rani Singh and Darrin Daniel discuss Harry, and take questions.

All three speakers knew Harry Smith personally. More info about them  here. 

Oregon Cartoon Institute is an all volunteer organization dedicated to raising awareness of Oregon’s rich animation and cartooning history. http://www.oregoncartooninstitute.com/

On Facebook:

May 16 Harry Smith In The Pacific Northwest https://www.facebook.com/events/170498049771143/?fref=ts

May 16 Harry Smith Seance https://www.facebook.com/events/150452001773756/?fref=ts

May 19 Harry Smith Free For All https://www.facebook.com/events/134053396776175/?fref=ts

“I keep trying to inspire people but whether this compensates for my sins, I don’t know.” Harry Smith


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